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What are the best fruit machines for slots players?

We always love to take a quick look at the slot machines available on the web. We’re fans of all kinds of reel games, but we’ve decided that on occasion we neglect the fruit machine fans out there and often don’t give enough of a nod towards the host of brilliant fruities available for players online. So we decided to take a good look at the list of games available online and come up with a couple we considered to be the best fruities for people who’re used to the big five reel, multi-payline Las Vegas casino slots.

The first slot that really caught our attention was a game called Cash and Curry. This little gem sees you collecting different coloured chilli peppers from the reel game; the object is to collect either three different peppers or three peppers all the same to get you onto the bonus game here. This is a fun feature that sees you travelling on an alcoholic bender round a well sculpted virtual trail game.

Chavvin’ It Large was the second game that we thought would appeal to slots players. Collect the multi-coloured trainers in this three reel classic to see if you can get onto the special ladder game where you can win a prize as big as £10,000. This is a hilarious online fruit machine that would definitely be at home in all the pubs we drink at.

Well, we must admit we’ve cheated a bit here, because we’ve chosen both games because they’re likely to make slot machine players have a laugh along with their gamble. The second best thing about fruities is that they’ve always go some great tongue in cheek humour behind them and the first best thing is that you can win some real good money out of their fast three reel action.  If you want a great choice of classic UK Slots machines with massive progressive jackpots, look no further than Virgin Casino.

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