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What’s best about the Cleopatra slots?

Well, you’ve all seen the adverts on TV for the millions of new casinos that are offering you a ton of slot games. Go on most top sites and you’ll find yourself wowed by the selection of games. Free-play a few and you’ll no doubt be pretty under-awed by the new kids on the block, the mass of titles that seem to sit to make up the numbers. Even titles like the rainbow riches slot machine, Thunderstruck and Monopoly You’re In The Money fail to really hit the spot. It’s the fact the excitement just seems to lack that high speed notch.

However, as you probably know, there’s one title that just seems to deliver time and time again. Of course it’s the legendary slot game Cleopatra. It seems to be able to attract an audience of people who wouldn’t normally play slots including poker and pool professionals. What is it that really attracts players to this game?

Well, in our opinion (and we’ve been playing this game for years now) it’s simply the elegance and balance of this slot game. Even when you’re only messing around on Cleopatra in demo game mode it’s still beautiful, paying just the right amount of bonus and free spins to keep you hungry at the reels. It isn’t just a simple slot machine online; it’s a whole playing experience where you really get caught up in that wonderful world of casino possibility as the numbers whirl with the reels right around your ears. Tell us of another slot that gives you all that and we’ll tell you what’s best about the Cleopatra slots…

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