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On the occasions that you may supply any personal details to – for example your e-mail when signing up to be a Member of the newsletter.
We promise that the following rules are applied in connection with that information:
1.We do not, and will not pass on or sell your submitted information to any third parties unless you have specifically given permission that we may do so, so that such third parties can offer you information, goods and services that may be of interest to you.
2.We may disclose information about how members use our site and details of demographics to our advertisers and partners, but this will be only in anonymous aggregate form. can assure you that your personal identity will not be revealed in connection with the disclosure of such aggregated information.
3.Only those users who have registered as members of will be contacted by email with updates about the site and its services. All email correspondence includes and will continue to include an unsubscribe option should a recipient wish to decline the service.
Please note that is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of Web sites to which it may link. If you have any doubts about submitting any personal details while visiting any linked sites, please ensure you locate and read that site’s privacy policies before proceeding.
What Information Do We Collect From Our Users? collects two types of information about its users:
1.E-mail addresses and other information that users provide voluntarily if they choose to join as a member of the community here, and
2.Data accumulates by aggregating tracking information. This data is collected by counting page views throughout the site and click-throughs on any advertisements, and is achieved by using ‘cookies’ (see below for a full explanation of this).
What Is The Purpose Of Collecting This Information?
Clearly we need a users e-mail if they want us to e-mail them information about us or our services, however with regards to the tracking information mentioned previously, this is collected to understand our users’ needs better so that we can improve our service to them and help our advertisers understand their preferences too.
What Are These Cookies You Mentioned?
A cookie (other than being a lovely biscuit) is also the name for a small data file that many web sites, including this one, writes to your computer’s hard drive when you visit them online. Such cookie files often contain information, such as a user ID, which the site uses to track the pages the visitor looks at. Most importantly, a cookie can only include personal information if you have voluntarily submitted that information to us and a cookie cannot enable us spy on your computer! Cookies cannot read information off your hard disk or read cookie files created by other sites. As mentioned above, we use cookies simply to track the traffic patterns of our site’s visitors and when they click on an advert.
N.B. You can always choose to refuse cookies by turning them off in your browser. You do not need to accept’s cookie to use our site, but it will help us to improve our service to you if you do.
To find out more about how cookies work, or if you want to know how to set your browser to refuse cookies, please feel free to visit

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