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The Stan James Casino is one of the few sites that have grown out of a chain of physical bookmakers. Stan James is a household name in the UK and offers some of the best casino bonuses to punters online, although you could argue that the Stan James Casino is so much more than your average online casino provider. Let’s take a look at what Stan James has to offer his customers in terms of the variety of games, quality of service, and everything else that makes a great online casino today.

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The Stan James Casino is one of the few casino sites where you don’t have to download software to play the games. Stan James have been good enough to thread all their games through a central interface, giving you not only access to their casino site, but also to their sportsbook betting, poker room and their own special version of the UK football pools. You can play at the Stan James Casino for real or play money, allowing you to get great feel for the site and the plays before you stake your cold hard cash on anything. This is even one of the few sites where you can play the progressive jackpot machines for free, with most casinos reserving theses big money slot games for the cash players only.

One thing that players feel the Stan James Casino is perhaps not up to scratch with is the selection of table games; it’s one thing to be able to bet, as if you were at a High st. Stan James shop on all the horses, but ultimately with a casino site you’re looking for games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and so on. However, if you’re more of a dabbler, or if you like to split your bets across different disciplines then Stan James offers you the experience you want.

Support is good from the Stan James Casino, with 24/7 escalation channels available, in seven languages. Support is offered from three different directions; you can talk to a Stan James operative either online or on the phone, or for the more relaxed enquiry there is also an email enquiry channel. Most payment methods are taken by the Stan James Casino as you’d expect, with the site being as keen to pay you out as they are to take your money.

The bonus scheme on the Stan James Casino, like all the best casino bonuses is operated around a VIP club. This is a loyalty promotion where you get a number of casino chips gifted to you per month, based on the amount you wager. Occasionally the Stan James Casino will also offer free competitions where you can win chips too.

Stan James doesn’t offer the best casino bonuses on the market with a £75 match deposit bonus that’s activated by placing a set level of betting. However, the Stan James Casino does everything it does very well, without shoving or pushing the customer to play games they don’t want to play, as everything you could ever want is there for you. Stan James is the ideal casino site for the punter who likes to dabble in different games and swap between betting mediums as much as possible.

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