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There are no bigger players in the world of gambling than Ladbrokes. It’s a sure bet that if you’ve ever looked into placing a bet in the United Kingdom, you’ve come across the Ladbrokes brand before. As part of the powerful Hilton Group, Ladbrokes wields more clout than ever before, and has become the world’s largest bookmaker.

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Not only does the site boast the title of world’s biggest, but it is also touted as being a leader in the hospitality and gambling industry, establishing a successful reputation as a secure and discretionary company with a firm foundation of integrity. In other words, it is unlikely that you will find an internet gambling site with a better pedigree for instilling confidence than the one to which the Ladbrokes name is attached. The question of safety is simply not an issue with this casino, but neither is it an issue with most of the big name players in this industry. What we ask here is, does the Ladbrokes site offer an opportunity for fun when it comes to internet gambling?

The original Ladbrokes site was certainly nothing that inspired a player to take part, and even after a major overhaul in 2005 the appeal of the site as far as the web page is concerned is merely passable. Casino culture on the web usually screams excitement, but it looks like Ladbrokes is trying to pave the way for a more somber approach, an endevour that is unlikely to win it many adherents. Notably, there is a lack of published content that could help a newcomer to the online casino game get oriented to a site and the games it includes. There is also little or no information on the actual gaming experience that the Ladbrokes site provides; there is information on how to download and install the software as well as how to play and how to register an account, but this is a fairly blatant example of assuming the sale. Perhaps Ladbrokes thinks that the name alone is enough to get people to jump on in.

Of course, if a person was to jump on in, the fact of the matter is that they would not be disappointed with the experience. There are a whopping 160 games that an internet player can gamble on at the Ladbrokes casino in the download version, with a still respectable 100 games available on the non-download version. The Instant Play no download option uses Microgaming Viper software, which makes this version the one of choice if you desire the most authentic casino experience. The Instant Play features smooth gameplay and expert options that are hard for any rival site to match. Incredibly for a casino of this size, the download isn’t too bulky so even players with dial up connections and slower modems can take advantage of what Ladbrokes has to offer.

Unfortunately, Ladbrokes does present a rather misleading claim when it states that any player can play instantly from any computer. This lofty statement was found not to be based in reality when we tried the Instant Play option on our trusty, yet unloved by online casinos, Mac. We tried all three Mac OS as well as the Flash which was installed on the test machine, but sadly, no dice.

If you are a player who uses a PC platform, Ladbrokes offers solid promotions, including its Players Club. These are fairly average as far as online play incentives, and players will likely be more enticed by the progressive jackpots that the Ladbrokes site offers. There is some serious wealth waiting to be bestowed on some lucky slot jockey, and judging by the way the progressives are climbing the appeal is unlikely to fall anytime soon.

So, in the final analysis, Ladbrokes comes up short in two areas. The published content of the site is hardly helpful to newcomers, and it seems likely that Ladbrokes is relying on the name rather than a solid pitch to make the sale for their online casino. In addition, Mac users are not only unable to play but also misled, an oversight that should be addressed by Ladbrokes as soon as possible (and which could also be addressed with the addition of some content!). Of course, the multiplicity of games that the site has to offer is a great incentive for those who have chosen to go with the Windows platform in the first place and mean that the site has a lot of fun to offer.

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