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Betfair, in many ways are regarded as the people’s betting site, as they were one of the first providers to offer a betting exchange. Now, this revolutionary gambling site has moved into online casino games with the fantastic Betfair casino; so without further ado let’s take a look at their casino play and see if it’s up to standard.

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The online casino games on offer from the Betfair Casino have to be played through a good web browser, so no software that’s forever updating on your machine. Betfair offer all the casino games you’d expect, but there’s a difference; with the Betfair Casino you get two lounges. One lounge is for normal casino play, the other is a ‘zero lounge’, where casino play takes place without a house edge. This means that in classic Betfair style, the casino is handing something over to the player in giving games that actually can prove a hundred percent return. We’re ourselves itching to try out our system of Roulette play on the Betfair Casino, to see if our Monte Carlo variant spills the cash.

With forty games available for casino play from the Betfair Casino, as you’d expect all come well put together with great graphics and suitable audio tracks. The online casino game noises are captured well and you could even mistake yourself for being in a real casino with the subtle sounds of cards and clicks. Naturally, for those looking to merely try the Betfair casino there is both real money and free casino play available. The site offers many slots (both multi and single line) Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and all the games you’d expect from a real casino.

You can rely on the Betfair Casino for excellent support and you can call or email the team with any query on different aspects of the casino play or their online casino games. They have extensive 24/7 support that is considered some of the best in the business, as the Betfair Casino always puts the player first. Betfair accept most common payment forms, including the usual array of cards and most of the online payment options available out there. They are considered very safe and secure in terms of your money and there’s no reason you shouldn’t trust the Betfair Casino with your hard earned.

Promotions are good with the Betfair Casino with competitions offering special prizes such as electrical goods. There are loyalty bonuses in place for casino play and the site doesn’t scrimp on bonuses for new players either with a fantastic one hundred percent match offer on deposits.

So in summation, do we like the Betfair Casino? No, we damn well love it. The online casino games on offer here are second to none, and apart from the stock exchange where can you get a better than 99.5% return on your casino play? Betfair are the best in bringing the new ethos of the net to you with all your favourite casino games; get online now and try it for yourself!

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