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Wow Pot

Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple, and one slot game that follows this formula is the Wow Pot progressive slot game. It’s one of the best three reel, one pay-line progressives on the competitive slot machine circuit today with an achievable jackpot that will have most experienced slot jockeys slavering over its tastiness.

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The Wow Pot progressive slot is delivered in lovely, bright colours that catch the eye and hold it firmly on the reels. You really get the immersive casino slot feel with Wow Pot too; as the game has a crowd-based background and classic eight bit audio, which really does make you feel like you could be playing in Vegas. The game has one special symbol in the form of the Wow Pot that acts as a scatter, wild multiplier and as the progressive jackpot symbol. Always play the maximum coin bet with Wow Pot, as this will qualify you for the game’s sexy little progressive jackpot that, whilst never being massive (as with some of the million pound plus progressive out there) feels very achievable.

In summation Wow Pot is one of those slot games you can totally lose yourself in. It doesn’t require much mental effort to play so it’s good to ease into a game of Wow Pot, then when the big wins spin out of the machine, you’ve got more than enough heartbeats to jump off your seat, shouting out exactly how much you’ve been wow’d by the massive pot you’ve just won!

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