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Major Millions

In the army gambling games were very common, with squaddies in WWI trenches allegedly coming up with Blackjack (or 21 as it’s sometimes known). Now, the military personnel have decided to give something back to the troops with their employment of a new major, Major Millions. Fortunately, he’s not the head-banging, flag-waving, kind of major, instead he’s a great progressive slot machine that could see you running away with all the spoils of war.

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Firstly, let’s look at the game play available on this slot machine. The graphics are designed with military efficiency, when you load up Major Millions you’ll find yourself looking at the colourful reels and pay table of very well designed slot game. The audio is some of the best we’ve ever heard on a progressive slot, with a brilliant drum band theme playing in the background as you stop in those symbols.

Getting back on the serious betting tip, Major Millions is a fantastic progressive slot that plays across three reels, with three pay-lines available. The game has a lovely opening greeting from the Major himself, and what a man he is, as the Major Millions symbol acts a wild multiplier in the game, doubling any win it hits in combination with other symbols.

As with most progressive slots out there, you’ve got to bet the maximum on the three reels to win the big prize, but with Major Millions often paying out prizes of over quarter of a million pounds, you’d have to be mad not to take a gamble on this wonderful slot game.

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