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Jackpot Deuces

Jackpot Deuces is an excellent version of video poker that has enjoyed much attention over the years. As the name would suggest, the deuce card has a special function, and operates as a ‘wild card’ in Jackpot Deuces, where it can go towards making up any other hand, including the second ranked ‘five of a kind’. The rest of the rules in Jackpot Deuces are as you’d expect from any video poker machine.

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As with most modern video poker games, the visuals with Jackpot Deuces are spot-on. The cards are clear and well drawn, and the re-deal animation is smooth, fast and painless. The game has a lovely audio track that enhances the game, without ever being annoying. As the deuces are so valuable in Jackpot Deuces, the game will automatically hold them for you, although you can override this should you wish to. However, unlike other video poker games, where wins start at Jacks or better, as you’ve got a wild card, you need to score three of a kind or more in Jackpot Deuces to get paid.

As with many of the cash based video games these days, (both video poker and slots) you have to bet the maximum in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot and this is no different with Jackpot Deuces. The Jackpot is achieved by hitting the top hand, the Royal Flush, in the suit that speaks money, Diamonds. With this jackpot (at the time of writing this article) sitting at just over £8,000, we can think of many reasons, but none of them really too wild, as to why you should play Jackpot Deuces.

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