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Poker is growing in popularity all the time and many people like to play home games, but dislike the ‘sharky’ atmosphere of the online Poker rooms. For these people games like Cyberstud Poker are ideal, as they give the player the feel of playing Poker, with poker hands but without the strict guidelines of video poker, or the chance elements that can lose you lot of money, such as in the No Limit Hold’em rooms.

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Cyberstud Poker is a great Poker variant that’s played against the dealer rather than against other players. The way Cyberstud works is as follows; you have to put in an initial bet, called an ante, and then you are dealt five cards, whilst the dealer is dealt one face up card. You can then fold your cards, in which case you progress to the next hand, or you can call. If you call in Cyberstud Poker, as you can’t raise the dealer; a bet of double your ante is placed from your stack. The dealer is then dealt his further four cards and the best hand wins. The dealer has to at least have Ace High with King Kicker to qualify to win the hand, but if you do win the hand, you’ll get paid out in odds for your hand. For instance, if you win with a three of a kind, you’ll get a return of four to one on your money. As you’d expect, the better your hand, the better the pay out win.

There is also a progressive jackpot available from Cyberstud Poker. This is created by taking a little of every wager and putting it into a shared bank. The current progressive jackpot at this time sits a little under £60,000 and you’ll win it if you’re dealt a Royal Flush, no matter what suit, straight off the bat. This jackpot and good odds make Cyberstud Poker a must-play game.

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